Vacuum-packed no brand wooden box

Unbranded neutral wooden box available in 4 sizes:
6 Marrons Glacés (120 g).
8 Marrons Glacés (160 g).
12 Marrons Glacés (240 g).
18 Marrons Glacés (360 g).

Composed of Marrons Glacés placed on cardboard boxes, wrapped in gold aluminium foil, arranged in alveoli and vacuum-packed.
Candied chestnuts coated in an extremely fine film of glaze.

Tender texture.

Chestnut flavour enhanced by a subtle hint of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean.

Exclusive production process: vacuum-packed marrons glacés with no additives or preservatives and a 24-month shelf life.
The freshness of a natural product available at any time of year.

Size: 20g

Use :
- available in shops all year round.
- Duty-free shop sales.
- ideal for export.

Storage: store without restriction at room temperature. After opening the vacuum pack, keep marrons glacés for 8 weeks at a temperature of 6°c / 8°c.

PF0002039 6 VACUUM PACKED MARRON Packs: box of 12
PF0000515 8 VACUUM-PACKED MARRON Packs: box of 10
PF0001014 12 VACUUM-PACKED MARRON Packed: box of 11
PF0001015 18 VACUUM-PACKED MARRON Packing : box of 16.

Best before: 24 months in the freshness bag.