Naples Irpina origin chestnut unwrapped

Candied chestnuts with a fine sugar glaze.

Soft texture.

The subtle note of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla pods enhances the flavour of the marrons glacés.

The marrons glacés are placed individually in a honeycomb tray.
Tip: wrap the chestnuts in aluminium foil to optimise preservation.

Origin of the fruit : Naples.

Size: 20 to 26 g

Use: Shop sales.

Storage: +6°c / +8°c in a dry area.

PF0000031 EXTRA C : weight 20g +/- Packaging: 4 or 8 trays 0.960 kg
PF0000032 EXTRA B : weight 22g +/- Packaging: 4 or 8 trays 1 kg
PF0001401 EXTRA A : weight 25g +/- Packaging: 4 or 8 trays 1.1 kg

Best before: 3 months in winter, 2 months out of season* (Keep refrigerated after opening)

Ingredients : Chestnuts, sugar, glucose surop, Madagascar bourbon vanilla pod.