Large candied chestnut chunks - Corsiglia logo

Card box with Corsiglia logo. Available in 2 sizes: 250 g or 500 g.

The boxes are filled with Candied Chestnuts that broke during candying, placed in thermo-plastic trays.
Candied Chestnuts with a thin sugar glaze.
Mellow texture.
The subtle note of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans enhances the flavour of the candied chestnuts.

Origin of Fruit: Turin or Naples.
Size: 10 to 12 g (half a chestnut on average).

Sale for household consumption.

Shelf life: 6 months.
Store in a dry place at + 6 to + 8 degrees C.

Packaged in thermo-plastic trays under modified atmosphere.
Packed: 36 boxes of 250 g to a carton.
18 boxes of 500 g to a carton.