Flavour Journal and Organic Products

Flavour Journal

“Marrons Glacés”, a gourmet story…Let us prolong the bliss by combining it with new blends of flavours…

“Marrons” can easily be combined with other ingredients. For the finest gourmets, “marrons” can be enjoyed with chocolate, but also flavoured with alcohol like cognac, rum, William pear or plum brandy…

"Chocolate Marrons"

“Chocolate Marrons” are processed as “marrons glacés”, with the same care and artisan recipe. After the “marron” has been removed from the candying syrup and drained, it is covered with a fine layer of dark chocolate.
As you enjoy this treat, “marron” and chocolate blend delicately in your mouth, for your greatest pleasure.

"Rum, Cognac, Pear Liqueur or Plum Brandy Marrons"

Alcohol-flavoured chestnuts are also processed according to  the traditional recipe for “marrons glacés”.
Processing, however, takes longer since the “marrons” are macerated for 6 to 9 months until the fruit and alcohol are blended to perfection. The macerating mixtures are made of syrup and alcohol.
These innovative recipes create a surprising new taste of alcohol and a more syrupy texture.

“Cognac Marrons” macerate in a 60% alcohol, aged in oak for 4 years.
“Rum Marrons” are processed with a blend of aromatic rums from overseas, produced through the fermenting and distilling of sugar cane molasses.
“Pear Liqueur and Plum Brandy Marrons” are processed with fruit brandies.
Such are the ingredients used in the stunning recipes for our new, innovative range of flavours.
One last thing: after maceration, our “marrons” are “frosted”. This means they are sprinkled with sugar, then individually wrapped in paper.

Here is another tip so you can enjoy the taste and flavour of these “marrons” to the full: carefully open the wrapping, breathe in the scent, extract the “marron” and split it in two so as to discover the pearl of alcoholic syrup at the center of the fruit.

Organic Products

Our organic chestnuts are certified by the agricultural EU or non EU FR-BIO-01 standards and are processed according to the traditional Corsiglia recipes with an organic range of ingredients, certified all natural, without any chemicals, preservatives or coloring (chestnuts, sugar, wheat glucose syrup, vanilla bean).
Our organic range features individually wrapped  “Marrons Glacés” in golden foil and “marrons” in syrup.

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