Turino chestnuts in syrup

Candied chestnut in syrup.

Tender texture.

Chestnut flavour enhanced by a subtle note of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean.

Origin of the fruit : Turino

Uses :
- pastries for icing.
- Shop sale: drained chestnut or marron glacé.

2.4 kg tin (2.4 kg net drained fruit + 1.7 kg syrup).

Package: 2 or 4 tins

First Choice Turin 20g+/-1 PF0001738
Extra medium Turin 22g+/-1 PF0001736
Super selection large Turin 25g+/-1 PF0001739

Best before: 36 months

Storage: After opening the tin, glaze the chestnuts. Once glazed, leave the chestnuts to dry, wrap in aluminium foil and store in a dry place, temperature +6°c / +8°c maximum for 3 to 4 weeks.