Whole candied chestnuts in syrup

The chestnuts are candied in syrup.
Mellow texture.
The subtle note of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans enhances the flavour of the candied chestnuts.

Origin of Fruit: Turin or Naples.
Size: 20 g or 22/23 g or 25/26 g.

- For pastry chiefs and ice cream makers
- Sale in retail sale: drained chestnuts or Candied Chestnuts.

Shelf life: Best within 3 years.
Preservation: Glaze the chestnuts immediately after opening the can. Once the chestnuts are glazed, let them dry, wrap them in aluminium foil and store them in a dry place at 6 to 8 degrees C for a maximum of 3 to 4 weeks.

Packaging: 5/1 metal can (net fruit 3 kg + 2 kg of syrup) OR 3/1 metal can (net fruit 1.650 kg + 1.350 kg of syrup).
Packed: - 4 5/1 tins to a carton.
- 8 3/1 tins to a carton.