Our expertise

“Marrons Glacés” are a very special treat.  From careful harvesting to their meticulous transformation into a high-quality treat, each Corsiglia “marron” receives full attention.

Gourmets start thinking about “Marrons Glacés” in the first days of fall, when mushrooms appear under the trees and the steps of  chestnut harvesters echo in the deep forests of the Var or Italy.
It is time to pick up the fruits, fallen from their prickly burr, and sort them before soaking them in water for 9 days.  Damaged fruits naturally rise to the surface and are removed. The perfect chestnuts are placed in a cellar to dry for three weeks.
Then comes the next step: the chestnuts are slit, then steamed to remove their first layer of skin. Then each chestnut is inspected  and any remaining piece of skin is removed manually from the grooves of the fruit.

Our Distinctive expertise

Wrapped in pairs in tulle muslin, the “marrons” (= chestnuts) are immersed in spring water for cooking. Candying may take 7 to 10 days with our traditional French recipe. We use a syrup made of sugar, glucose syrup and natural Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. Our know-how consists in delicately replacing, through infiltration, the water inside the fruit with the right quantity of syrup. The muslin prevents excessive absorption of sugar and keeps the “marrons” whole.
Candying does not lend itself to improvisation: every year our process is reviewed to accommodate the variations in harvest and fruits.
Once this long and meticulous process is over, the tulle muslin is removed with great care, and the “marrons” are left to drain a little before they are sorted once again.

Expertise that Makes a Difference

Aromas fill the air…but wait!..... the “marrons” are not glazed yet!
The whole “marrons” are laid on a rack to await glazing. Each  “marron” is glazed with a small layer of translucent and satin-like glaze. A few moments in the oven are all it takes for the glazing to set around the glistening “marrons”, allowing the core of the fruit to retain its drop of syrup until the “marron” is ready to enjoy.
In a few hours the “Marrons Glacés” will be ready for wrapping in the golden foil that will complement the loveliest holiday tables.