Our Quality Statement

Our Expertise for Perfect Quality

Unsurpassed quality is the result of long-standing tradition.
We take particular pride in combining tradition and production with quality throughout the transformation of our chestnuts into “marrons glacés”.

Tulle Muslin Candying

Just like jewels preserved in their box, raw chestnuts are manually wrapped in pairs in a tulle muslin before cooking and candying.
The tulle muslin keeps the chestnut whole and prevents excessive sugar absorption during candying. The chestnut, candied to the core and protected in its muslin wrap, cannot soak in too much sugar. The subtle flavour of the fruit can be fully expressed.

Choice of Ingredients

Corsiglia has high standards when it comes to choosing ingredients: we only settle for high-quality chestnuts from Turin or Naples, coarse white sugar, MGO-free wheat glucose and Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla beans.


The gold and customizable individual foil  wrap provides perfect airtight sealing for the “Marrons Glacés” (protection from outside atmosphere). Placed in double-strength cardboard boxes, the “marrons” are also protected during transport.
The film wrapped around the carton boxes is designed to keep the “marrons” moist. Do not remove it until the “Marrons Glacés” are ready to sell.

Quality Control

Computer tracking of our production means each batch is allocated a  batch number. A sample is taken from each batch and preserved for analysis and follow-up, ensuring that our stringent quality  standards are enforced.
Moreover, Corsiglia is HACCP-certified, ensuring our products fully comply with food safety standards.  Safety inspections encompass microbiological, physical and chemical safety and audit critical steps in our production process.
We are working about IFS –certified (International Food Standard).

Partnering with Our Customers

We maintain close contact with our customers and are always ready to answer your questions, lend equipment and facilitate tasting of our products.

Responsive Service

Quality “Marrons Glacés” require the utmost freshness: we are responsive to your needs. Any order placed before noon French time leaves on next day, thus ensuring delivery within 48 hours in France.