Storing your "Marrons Glacés"

While refraining from devouring all your “marrons glacés” at once requires iron will… you need to think about storage for, at least, what is left….!

In their natural state, chestnuts are made up of dry matter (flour) and water.
Candying occurs through «osmosis» whereby the water is replaced by the syrup, of higher density.
After candying, chestnuts are made up of 72% of dry matter (chestnut flour) and 28% moisture.
Since moisture cannot be completely removed from the fruit, preservation is a delicate matter.
We highly recommend you store your candied chestnuts at a temperature of 4 to 6 degrees Celsius.

A Few Preservation Tips

Our “Marrons Glacés” come in boxes covered in plastic film. Do not remove the film until the “marrons” are ready to sell.
This film keep the “marrons” from drying. Once the original film has been removed, replace with cling film.
“Marrons Glacés” do not keep well at high temperatures. Store your “marrons” in a cool place (4 to 6 degrees Celsius).