Corsiglia Today

Presention – Results

The family business founded in 1896 is now headed by Jean Louis Corsiglia.
We specialise in the production and sale of candied chestnuts, chestnuts in syrup, chestnut paste and cream and candied fruit peel. Our products are for professional use exclusively: confectioners, chocolatiers, bakers and pastry chefs, fine food stores, restaurant chefs, and catering, and is featured in specialty catalogues or e-sales and by professionals.
We offer a wide range of products: from large packages for professionals to gift boxes as well as our  long-life range ... so as to better serve our professional customers. We care deeply for our customers and offer high-quality products: our HACCP certification ensures our products fully comply with food safety standards. Safety inspections encompass microbiological, physical and chemical safety and audit critical steps in our production process.

With 40 permanent employees and a staff of 95 to 100 in high season, our company is a major player on the market.  Our offices comprise 700 sqm and our processing 4,500 sqm.
A distribution network of 40 sales agents represents Corsiglia in France and, together with our importers’ networks in Europe, Asia, the Far East and Canada, serve 3,500 loyal customers in 33 countries. France totals 75 % of our sales, and export markets 25 %.

Our values


Selection of  our ingredients is stringent: all our fruit is of controlled origin, from Turin or Naples. We only select products of the highest quality for our ingredients: sugar, MGO-free wheat glucose and genuine Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla beans.
True to our ancestors’ recipe, we process our candied and syrup chestnuts  in tulle muslin. In this process the raw chestnuts are wrapped in pairs in muslin. This keeps the fruit whole and prevents excessive absorption of sugar to preserve flavour.


All the members of our team share the same attention to detail, from the choice of ingredients to precision in the production process to the visual appearance of our final product.
Our engineers also perform quality checks and ensure perfect traceability. Throughout the production process, diagrams and batch numbers guarantee the tracking of our products. Samples from each batch are stored in our sampling bank.


Excellence at Corsiglia is the result of high standards in terms of client satisfaction and mutual trust. This is why we collaborate with our customers on a constant basis so as to provide answers to inquiries, follow up on orders, lend equipment, send samples or deal with any other requests.
We strive to serve you: any order placed by a customer is shipped within  48 hours in France by tracked shipments. Re-orders are honored with no minimum quantity.
Corsiglia knows that innovation is a key component of customer service: our technical team incessantly researches new processing methods, creates new products and packagings. All year round our team updates our candying process to adjust to the new harvest and achieve excellence in flavour and taste.