Origins and Types

We process chesnuts of three different origins, each with a specific shape, flavour and size.

The Chestnut from Turin

The Turin chestnut tree producing the sweet chestnut undergoes grafting at age  two or  three years and its oval-shaped fruit has a low yield. It has a delicate, mellow taste and a fine texture with long- lasting flavor. It is harvested in Piemont, Turin and its region.

The Chestnut from Naples

This fruit comes in a variety of sizes and has a round shape. Its sharp taste is reminiscent of grilled chesnuts or chestnut puree. It is produced in the Avelino province near Naples, a mountainous region called “Irpinia”.

The Chestnut from Collobrières

This chestnut comes from the Massif des Maures, a mountain range of the Var. Yield is extremely low and this chestnut usually weighs 21/22 grams.

For Turin and Naples chestnuts, Corsiglia offers a range of different sizes, from 20 g. a piece to 22/23 g. to 25/26 g. and above.

You can order our “Marrons Glacés” with or without paper wrapping.