Candied chestnut chunks in syrup

Candied chestnut chunks in syrup.
Mellow texture.
The subtle note of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans enhances the flavour of the candied chestnuts.

Origin of Fruit: Turin or Naples.
Size: 10 to 12 g (half a chestnut on average).

Shelf life: Best within 3 years.
Preservation: Use the chestnuts in pastries or ice cream after opening the tin box.

Packaging: 5/1 metal can (net fruit 3 kg + 2 kg of syrup) OR 3/1 metal can (net fruit 1.650 kg + 1.450 kg of syrup).
Packed: - 4 5/1 tins to a carton.
- 8 3/1 tins to a carton.