“Sales-ready” vacuum packed “Marrons Glacés”

Packaged for professional use: box includes 2 vacuum-packed of 36 chestnuts each (720 g X 2=1.440 kg)

The large vacuum-sealed boxes are filled with “Marrons Glacés” on golden base cards, wrapped in golden foil and placed in cavity trays.
Candied Chestnuts with an extremely thin sugar glaze. Mellow texture. The subtle note of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans enhances the flavour of the candied chestnuts.         

Exclusive production process: the vacuum-packed candied chestnuts are free of additives and preservatives and have a shelf life of 24 months. This is a fresh, natural product available throughout the year.

Size: 20 g.

- To repackage for retail sale - Available all year round.
- Ideal for export markets (neither special storage conditions, nor temperature transportation).

Shelf life: 24 months in the vacuum–pack.
Store at ambient temperature. After opening, store the “Marron Glacé” at a temperature of 6 to 8 degrees C for a maximum of 8 weeks.

Packaging: each box contains two vacuum-packed pouches.
Packed 8 boxes to a carton (= 16 vacuum-packed pouches of 720 g).