Assortment chestnut cream + Broken candied chestnuts box

CHESTNUT BOX: Unbranded cardboard box, 250 g.

Made from chestnuts broken during the candying process and placed in a sealed tray.
Tender texture.
Chestnut flavour enhanced by a subtle note of Bourbon vanilla pod from Madagascar.

Origin of the fruit : Turin or Naples.
Size: 10 to 12 g (an average of half a chestnut).

CHESTNUT CREAM: A smooth, creamy preparation. Prepared with 50g of fruit per 100g. Total sugar content 60g per 100g.

Vacuum-cooked at 60° so as not to alter the flavour of the fruit.

Colour: brown.

Chestnut flavour with a subtle hint of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean.

Origin of fruit: Collobrières (Var).

- For sale in pastry shops, grocery shops and delicatessens.

250g carton box in modified atmosphere sealed tray.
Glass jar = 350g

Packed in 9 baskets

Reference : PF0001646

Best before: 6 months for the box of large pieces and 3 years for the chestnut cream (Keep in a cool place after opening)

Ingredients : CHESTNUT: Chestnuts (Italy), sugar, glucose syrup, humectant : Sorbitol, vanilla pod, preservative: E202
CHESTNUT CREAM: Chestnut pulp, sugar, natural vanilla extract.